Adam Zuercher is available for live, in person presentations for your next event.

Adam has presented, moderated, or appeared on panel discussions for:

  • The Morningstar Investment Conference
  • Investment Clubs
  • The Findlay, Ohio Dental Study Club
  • Kiwanis
  • and many more!

Below is a list of current presentations that Adam has available for your event. You should contact Adam directly if you wish to discuss having him speak on a topic not listed.

What Works In Investing

In this talk Adam shares what he considers to be the essential principals  of a successful investor. Adam’s talk comes from 16 years of experience as a professional investor.

Planning For Lifetime Income In Retirement

Adam has spent his career help others plan for, transition into, and sustain a comfortable retirement. In this talk Adam will explore the idea of planning for lifetime income in retirement. The two key concepts here are, first, lifetime income – not just having enough to retire on the day you retire, but having that income sustain your lifestyle through longer retirements than any generation has ever had. And second, planning for that lifetime income – not taking an investment portfolio into retirement and just hoping that it lasts. Planning is something over which we can have a fair amount of control. We can’t predict the economy, or what markets will do, but we can plan, and that’s where we start.

The Role of Bear Markets In Successful Long-Term Investing

In this talk Adam explores the role of bear markets – or more accurately, the role of our reaction to bear markets – in a program of successful long-term investing for your most important lifetime investment goals: a secure retirement, the education of your children and grandchildren, and the like.

Volatility Versus Risk. Aren’t They The Same Thing?

At first glance, volatility and risk seem to be similar concepts. But, for the long-term investor, they may differ in very important ways.
The possible differences between volatility and risk have historically shown up over longer time frames. Ultimately, the effect of volatility on the investor’s decision-making depends on the element of time.

What A Financial Advisor Can Do For You…And What He/She Can’t

Adam will help you understand the role of a financial advisor by sharing those things an advisor can and cannot do to help you succeed in the long run.

For availability and pricing please contact Adam.