Yesterday, I had a chance to join my friend, Chris Baney, for a conversation about leading through a financial crisis. Chris is the Findlay Campus Pastor at CedarCreek Church. I have known Chris for the past five years. We regularly meet for lunch to chat about leadership. I was honored that Chris invited me to go on Facebook Live to share our leadership conversation with others. Some of the things we covered were:

  • What it was like for me on March 12, 2020 when the Ohio “Stay at Home” order went into effect.
  • How our team has responded to the COVID-19 crisis and related bear market in stocks.
  • The advice I’d give to leaders who are leading through their own unique crisis.
  • My favorite leadership podcasts.
  • My favorite leadership books.
  • My favorite devotional.
  • What I like to do to rest.

You can watch the full conversation below: