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Mid-Term Election Years

Mid-Term Election Years

2022 is a mid-term election year. So, what does that mean for the stock market? In two words: weakness + volatility. Consider this... Since WWII, the market has had some of it's weakest years on record during a mid-term election year. In fact, if we look at...

10 Quotes to Get You Through a Stock Market Correction

10 Quotes to Get You Through a Stock Market Correction

Any time the market is in a correction I like to remind myself how important it is to be patient, remain disciplined and control my emotions. A good way to do this is by revisiting some insightful quotes from some of history's greatest investors. Below are 10 of my...

The 2022 Stock Market Correction

The 2022 Stock Market Correction

The US stock market is in a funk. Through today's close the: S&P 500 is -6.5% below it's all-time high on 1/4/22 Dow Jones Industrial Average is -5.7% below it's all-time high on 1/5/22 Nasdaq Composite is -11.9% below it's all-time high on 11/22/21 Russell...


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